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Vaski delivers machinery and automation solutions designer to create efficiency for the future. Our solutions aim to redefine and simplify the rules of industrial manufacturing. A key market and focus for us is providing busbar solutions. The fast global expansion of modern electric power infrastructure generates an unseen demand for more flexible and efficient solutions. Furthermore, our expertise in automation allows us to design customised machinery that modernises material handling processes. Our passion for excellence can be found in every machine we design. Our electric solutions are proven to reduce energy consumption up to by 90%, combined with progressive robotisation and high production speed, we aim to simplify every step of production. Our solutions reduce maintenance cost and time on average by 50%. We create partnerships for life and are committed to making your life as manufacturer easier. Our machines are designed to be flexible and high quality solutions for decades to come. We see our success in watching you enter the next era of production.


Design for future - We do not want to fix the now, but to change the future. We aim to see further and be the leaders of change. Passion for excellence - No shortcuts. We do what is needed to exceed expectations both to ourselves and to others. Partnership for lifetime - We don’t do checkouts. We want to play the long game and contribute solutions over and over again.


Vaski was founded in 2015 in Finland to create efficiency in manufacturing. The founders - Veikko Moilanen and Rauno Lahtinen - decided to join forces over their shared passion for high-quality engineering for manufacturing and automation. Soon enough Michael Mansour joined the team, having worked at Prima Industrie for over a decade. The company was originally launched as Rodstein, until in 2020 the Vaski brand was launched. Vaski products are directly inspired by the flat bar machinery and automation solutions introduced already decades ago by the predecessor company, Lahtisen Kone. Vaski is based in Finland and operating globally, helping companies in moving to the next era of manufacturing and building collaborative partnerships for lifetime.




Kauppaneliö 3, 60120 Seinäjoki, FINLAND.



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