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Vaski delivers machinery and automation solutions designed to create efficiency for the future. Our solutions aim to redefine through simplification the rules of industrial manufacturing. Our passion for excellence can be found in every machine we design.


Vaski creates partnerships for life and is committed to making your life as a manufacturer easier. We design machines that are flexible and high quality solutions for decades to come. We measure our success in watching you enter the next era of production. logo

Vision statement - Creating Efficiency

Vaski delivers machinery and automation solutions designed to create efficiency for the future. Our aim is to redefine and simplify the rules of industrial manufacturing.

Vaski is a high growth young business that is leading global industry in bar and extrusion processing machinery, sheet metal cut to length and slitting machinery as well as general industrial automation and custom machinery.

Vaski excels through a high commitment to R&D, developing smart features in every solution we create. logo


Design for future - We do not want to fix the now, but to change the future. We aim to see further and be the leaders of change.

Passion for excellence - No shortcuts. We do what is needed to exceed expectations both to ourselves and to others.

Partnership for lifetime - We don’t do checkouts. We want to play the long game and contribute solutions over and over again.


Vaski was founded in 2015 in Finland to create efficiency in manufacturing. The founders – Veikko Moilanen and Rauno Lahtinen with 70 years of experience in factory automation between them – decided to join forces over their shared passion for high-quality engineering for manufacturing and automation. Soon enough Michael Mansour joined the team, with 15 years of experience in the sector. The company was originally launched as Rodstein, until in 2020 the decision was taken to launch the Vaski brand.


Vaski products are directly inspired by the flat bar machinery and automation solutions introduced already decades ago by the predecessor company, Lahtisen Kone. Vaski is based in Finland and operating globally, helping companies in moving to the next era of manufacturing and building collaborative partnerships for lifetime.

We have shared passion for high quality engineering for manufacturing and automation.

History timeline


Rodstein Oy is founded

Founded by Veikko Moilanen and El Taito, a Lahtinen family company. In the formative years the business was busy engineering new products.

Rodstein acquires Lahtisen Kone

Lahtisen Kone built the first generation punching and bending busbar machines in 1997. Lahtisen Kone has a long history of producing single coil cut to length lines in the Nordic regions.


Rashmi Ltd invest

Michael Mansour invests in Rodstein, eventually a majority shareholder, he introduces a high growth strategy drawing on significant experience in machine tools.

Rodstein launch busbar machines

Rodstein launches all electric range of machines with new and unique features such as automatic tool change and vision systems. Rodstein sells first machine to Esla Oy.


Veikko Moilanen becomes Managing director

Veikko Moilanen joins the company as a full time Managing Director to drive growth in the business forward.


Rodfine launch

Simple to use, entry level machine unique on the market for deburring busbar using milling technology.


Michael Mansour becomes Executive Chairman

Michael moves to Finland to work full time for Vaski.

HWJ AG acquired

HWJ AG, a Swiss business with a reputation for manufacturing high quality cut to length and slitting machines, is acquired by Vaski and forms the basis for the new Vaski sheet metal solutions.

Vaski brand is formed logo with logo

Vaski Coil launch

Vaski come to the market with a first of a kind flat bar coiling solution for power generation industries.

Cut to length lines

Vaski delivers first multi-coil cut to length line to Lithuania. Bringing their background of continuous innovation to the sheet metal industry.


Vaski always search for innovative people with a passion for engineered products and have a will to develop their skills.


We are focused on recruiting the following experiences:

  • Engineering and technical for Research, Innovation and Product Development
  • Marketing and Sales
  • After-Sales and knowledge in machine repair
  • Production including electricians, assembly, welding, machining and machine users
  • Project Management
  • Purchasing


Favoured skills for roles in Vaski are:

  • Knowledge of English language as we are International and we sell globally
  • Willingness to travel


We are always looking for good apprentices and as we sell everywhere in the world to many different industries, we like people from diverse backgrounds. The following skills are an advantage for apprentices looking to join Vaski:

  • Desire to travel
  • Knowledge of other languages
  • Passion for engineered products and new technologies
  • Curiosity
  • A craving for learning
  • Will to share knowledge

If you are excited to be part of the Vaski team then please send us your Curriculum Vitae to


Michael Mansour

Michael Mansour
(Executive Chairman)

Mikko Lilja

Mikko Lilja
(Business Development Director)


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