Machine service

Machine service

Vaski has a highly skilled, multi-cultural support team that can support the service of a wide variety of machinery, not limited just to Vaski branded products.


Vaski can meet your machine service needs in the following ways:


Preventive maintenance – with the possibility to offer preventive maintenance contracts, we will carry out maintenance according to a fixed schedule or based on operating hours to keep your machinery in optimal operating condition and detect and prevent failures early on. This service includes replacing worn parts, condition monitoring, basic maintenance (such as lubrication) and checking machine function. The benefit to you is reduced failures, reduced downtime and planned shutdowns as well as better machine performance, allowing reduced life of machine maintenance costs.


Machines relocation – supporting you with changes in your factory. We can support you with not just machine relocation and upgrades, but also layout support, project management and safety reviews.


Full care package – Vaski is able to offer tailored full care packages for your machines, performing not just preventive maintenance but also able to offer peace of mind with extended parts or labour warranty packages available. Alternatively Vaski is also available to create tailored packages, with a set agreed number of annual corrective maintenance visits. The goal of Vaski is to keep your machine uptime as high as possible by ensuring rapid recovery for faults and preventing possible future faults.

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