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The VaskiCOIL machine is a highly productive generator coil manufacturing machine. It is the first machine in this category to be offered on the market today – existing solution providers recommend brazing. VaskiCOIL makes a big step forward in the production of generator coils, reducing copper coil production time by as much as 95% compared to traditional brazing technologies. VaskiCOIL also creates material savings by eliminating the use of silver during brazing. By eliminating the brazing requirements the VaskiCOIL also allows stronger coils and extends life of the coil.


Vaski really takes production of generator coils to the next level with a machine that improves almost every operational metric for our customers. This machine epitomises the vision of Vaski – Creating Efficiency!

Technical specifications

Machine performance
Material feed rate10 m/min
Number of NC axes7
Material specifications
Coil reel maximum 
weight3 tonnes
Extrusion thickness4-8 mm
Extrusion width25-80 mm
Finished coil specifications
Coil maximum weight1 tonne
Coil heightup to 400 mm
Coil width 
(internal dimension)up to 530 mm
Coil length
 (internal dimension)up to 3200mm
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