• Double wagon decoiler - supports loading and unloading of coils offline without interrupting machine operation with an extending platform to support material when fed from the furthest location. The double wagon decoiler is an effective way to significantly speed up coil changeovers for the VaskiINFINITY
  • Crane and forklift loading devices - various device options are available for supporting loading coils by crane and by forklift
  • Motorised wagons for ease of loading
  • Automatic paper removal

Why to select the VaskiDUALWIND

The VaskiDUALWIND is a very cost effective and simple solution for unwinding sheet metal coils. It has a carousel inserted inside the coil which is then loaded to a wagon containing the decoiling system.


This is the only available device to be selected in conjunction with the VaskiINFINITY storage system for fully automatic loading and can be effectively combined with the double wagon decoiler to significantly speed up coil change time. 


The VaskiDUALWIND comes with several options to enhance the user experience and is a good solution for factories with cranes to enable easy loading.

Technical specifications

Max coil weight (kg) 6 000 10 000 15 000
Coil max external diameter (mm) 1 250 1 600 2 000
Coil max width (mm) 1300 or 1600 1 600 1 600
Unwind system Electric Electric Electric
All technical information included in this documentation is indicative only and technical data of any Rodstein supplied equipment is as supplied with the offer documentation and signed contract