A new brand is born - Vaski

Following the merger of Rodstein and HWJ, it became apparent that the Finnish business Rodstein, should rebrand to a recognised Finnish brand that demonstrates the ‘Made in Finland’ image. The name Vaski is born, which brings together the brands of Lahtisen Kone, Rodstein and HWJ under one roof.

Vaski is the original word for brass and copper in Finnish which stopped commonly being used in the Finnish vocabulary some centuries past. This is quite a fitting new name as copper is the basis of the original product family of Rodstein and Lahtisen Kone which was the leader manufacturing copper busbar working machinery around the world for over 30 years. Vaski is now bringing disruptive technologies to the copper industry. With which we bring the new colours of black and copper with the beauty of touches of super-conductive gold and silver!

We like the name Vaski – it is quite unique and has a nice ring to it! We hope you like the new brand also… at the end of it though, Vaski is just a new brand, what makes Vaski great is our people who are passionate about constantly pushing technology barriers to ensure Vaski always remains the disruptor both for copper working machines and sheet metal blanking and slitting.