More efficiently with a punching machine – Vaski automates the production of flat bars at Nerkoon Metalli


Nerkoon Metalli´s CEO, Hannu Yli-Kärkelä, became interested in VaskiPUNCH, which seemed like a superior option compared to other machines on the market. Picture Sami Metsänranta

Nerkoon Metalli is a subcontracting metal workshop located in Kihniö Finland, which manufactures metal parts. There was a need to streamline production for parts required for customer waste management systems, and a transition from manual flat bar processing to a more automated production method was desired.

The company’s CEO, Hannu Yli-Kärkelä, became interested in VaskiPUNCH, which seemed like a superior option compared to other machines on the market.

“The machine frame and technology seemed robust and durable, and the full electric operation offers the advantage of taking up less space in the workshop,” Yli-Kärkelä explains. In addition to automation, the new machine also features VaskiCAM, which allows for direct calculation of the required flat bar length from customer-supplied DXF or STP files, speeding up the process.

VaskiPUNCH was installed around the turn of the year, and the installation process went smoothly. Remote assistance was provided for various situations. The flexibility and adaptability of the machine receive praise from Yli-Kärkelä.

“Since the machine accepts all common tools, it has taken only 2-3 days to order and have them in use. We can quickly offer new solutions to changing customer needs,” Yli-Kärkelä rejoices.

Currently, VaskiPUNCH is used for manufacturing steel and aluminum flat bars, but in the future, it could also be used to manufacture copper busbars, which are in increasing demand as electricity needs grow. Automation can be further increased with additional components, and the machine effortlessly adapts to new requirements.

Features of VaskiPUNCH:

Punching force: 400kN – 500kN, also available in 650kN

Punching system: servo-electric

Flat bar dimensions: Width 15-200 mm, thickness 3-16 mm, and length 4000mm or 6000mm

Number of tools: 6 – 30 depending on machine model and tool dimensions, rotary tools can also be used

Vaski Group Oy is a company based in Seinäjoki, specializing in the design and manufacture of metal processing machines. Originally founded as Rodstein Oy, the company manufactures punching, bending, and finishing machines for flat bar production, which can be customized to meet customer needs. Vaski Group also specializes in the production of fully automated storage and conveyor systems for flat bar production. Additionally, Vaski manufactures coil lines for the sheet metal industry and fully customized machines for various customer needs.