Level up with automation by Vaski

Vaski stands at the forefront in flat bar processing, optimised sheet metal handling and custom machines for various industrial needs. Level up with automation from Vaski.

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Creating Efficiency

Vaski stands at the forefront of automation in flat bar processing, sheet metal handling systems and custom machines for various industrial applications. Our mission is to create efficiency and we strive to improve manufacturing. 


Full punching automation with optimised workflow

One of the standout features in Vaski busbar processing is the implementation of all electric, high speed machinery. These machines not only cater to the increasing demands for energy efficiency but also maintain high reliability and production rates with the widest range of automation solutions available on the market. 

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The fastest sheet metal handling with optimised waste

A modular range of blanking and slitting solutions from coiled sheet metal. The VaskiMULTICOIL delivers a significant leap forward in the efficiency and material utilisation in sheet metal processing.

vaski group metal coil feeding sheet metal

Automation and Custom

Enhancing efficiency and delivering greater automation to industrial manufacturing with  customised solutions for a variety of metal processing applications. We love to provide solutions to metal manufacturing challenges where nobody else has. 

Automation and custom engineering machines

Why choose Vaski?

Vaski specialises in delivering machinery and automation solutions designed to create efficiency for the future. Our solutions aim to redefine and simplify the rules of industrial manufacturing. Our passion for excellence is embedded in every machine we design.


Who we are for?

Vaski provides innovative solutions for flat bar processing, the largest market being busbar,  serving the power distribution and generation, charging station, e-mobility and data center markets.

Vaski also serves the sheet metal industry, the main markets being the  service center, subcontractor, construction materials, HVAC, steel furniture and racking sectors with advanced blanking and slitting machines. 

Energy Solutions

Busbar Processing

Vaski is transforming the landscape of power distribution and generation through its innovative, all electric machinery designed specifically for the processing of copper and aluminum busbars and flat bars. This cutting edge technology not only makes manufacturing processes more efficient but also significantly lowers expenses and improves the adaptability of materials.


Sheet Metal Processing

Vaski stands out in the HVAC market, providing essential blanking and slitting products that support the production of the majority of HVAC components.


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