Customised Solutions for Diverse Industries.


Solutions for your industry

Understanding that each industry has unique demands, Vaski excels in providing customised solutions that cater to specific needs. Whether it's for construction, HVAC systems, or power distribution, Vaski's flexible design and manufacturing capabilities allow for bespoke solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing systems.

Energy Solutions

Vaski is transforming the landscape of power distribution and generation through its innovative, all-electric machinery designed specifically for the processing of copper and aluminum busbars and flat bars. This cutting-edge technology not only makes manufacturing processes more efficient but also significantly lowers expenses and improves the adaptability of materials.




Vaski stands out in the HVAC market, providing essential blanking and slitting products that support the production of the majority of HVAC components.


Construction Materials

Vaski's machines, relevant for the construction materials sector, excel in roofing and facades, offering top-notch straightening and cutting for applications like guttering, roof plates, and ceiling panels.



Metal Producers and Wholesalers

Vaski offers efficient blanking and slitting solutions with unique multi-coil tech and automatic storage, boosting flexibility and profitability for metal producers and sheet manufacturers by reducing stock and material expenses.


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