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What you get with us?

At the forefront of innovation, where cutting-edge technology meets boundless creativity, we endeavour to contribute to progress in our field. With a steadfast commitment to Finnish engineering excellence, we offer machinery and automation solutions designed to shape a more efficient and sustainable future.

We have embraced with determination the mission of bringing order to the world of industrial manufacturing, inspiring a revolution along the way.4o.





Design For Future

We do not want to fix the now, but to change the future. We aim to see further and be the leaders of change.



Passion For Excellence

No shortcuts. We do what is needed to exceed expectations both to ourselves and to others.



Partnership For Lifetime

We don’t do checkouts. We want to play the long game and contribute solutions over and over again.


Empower Individuals

We believe in the potential of every team member and strive to create an enviroment where personal growth, well-being and collaboration thrive.


Vaski always search for innovative people with a passion for engineered products and have a will to develop their skills. We are always looking for good apprentices and as we sell everywhere in the world to many different industries, we like people from diverse backgrounds. Read more career possibilities: 


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We shape a better lifetime

We are the prodigies of efficiency and the designers of inspiration.Our true success lies in shaping a better lifetime for all. This is our legacy.

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Vaski was founded in 2015 in Finland to create efficiency in manufacturing. The founders – Veikko Moilanen and Rauno Lahtinen with 70 years of experience in factory automation between them – decided to join forces over their shared passion for high-quality engineering for manufacturing and automation. Soon enough Michael Mansour joined the team, with 15 years of experience in the sector. The company was originally launched as Rodstein, until in 2020 the decision was taken to launch the Vaski brand.

In 2024, Vaski embarked an expansion, welcoming the Pivatic Oy into its fold. Known for their specialised sheet metal production lines, Pivatic's integration marks a pivotal moment, positioning Vaski as a global frontrunner and innovator in coil fed systems within sheet metal  industry.

Vaski is based in Finland and operating globally, helping companies in moving to the next era of manufacturing and building collaborative partnerships for lifetime.



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