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VaskiPUNCH Series

Automated punching with optimal workflow

One of the standout features in busbar processing with Vaski is the implementation of all electric, high speed machinery. These machines not only cater to the increasing demands for energy efficiency but also maintain high reliability and production rates.

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VaskiBEND Series

Highly accurate bending solution

The VaskiBEND offers versatility for bending flat bars. It's an energy-efficient, precise servo-electri bender with a quick, accurate back gauge, ensuring high production efficiency. Its modular design supports extensive automation options to fulfill specific requirements.

VaskiBEND bending busbars flatbars switchgear

VaskiSHAPE Series

Finishing made easy

The VaskiSHAPE is an efficient, accurate, and user-friendly machine for deburring and chamfering, ensuring consistent quality and fast machining with automatic bar measurement. The Inspiration model offers 2- or 3-axis edge finishing for flat bars.

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VaskiFLOW Series

Innovative automation for busbar production

The shift to automated flat bar punching enhances efficiency and accuracy. Vaski's automated storage and loading solutions enable continuous production with minimal manual intervention.

VaskiFLOW automation and storage busbars and flatbars


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