Energy Solutions 

Applications for Power Distribution and Generation


Energy Solutions

Each industry has unique requirements that demand bespoke solutions. Vaski has provided solutions to wide range of applications, not limited to switchgears, transformers, motors, generators, busways, energy storage and charging infrastucture.  Vaski solutions have significant advantages by being fast, all electric, highly automated, flexible and customisable. 

The latest advancements in busbar technology not only promise enhanced efficiency but also a significant reduction in operational costs and environmental impact. Innovations such as the integration of smart monitoring systems and the use of highly conductive materials have revolutionised how busbars contribute to power distribution networks.

VaskiPUNCH Series

The full automated punching with optimal workflow

One of the standout features in modern busbar processing is the implementation of all-electric, high-speed machinery. These machines not only cater to the increasing demands for energy efficiency but also maintain high reliability and production rates

VaskiPUNCH punching busbars flatbars inspiration

VaskiBEND Series

The next level of bending productivity

This all-electric bending solution not only ensures high accuracy but also incorporates a modular concept that supports a wide range of automation alternatives.

VaskiBEND bending busbars flatbars switchgear

VaskiSHAPE Series

High-accuracy end finishing

This machine not only enhances the quality of the bar parts but also simplifies the operation process, allowing for seamless integration next to existing punching machines.

VaskiSHAPE end finishing busbars flatbars-1

VaskiFLOW Series

Innovative automation for busbar production

The shift to automated flat bar punching enhances efficiency and accuracy. Vaski's automated storage and loading solutions enable continuous production with minimal manual intervention.

VaskiFLOW automation and storage busbars and flatbars

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