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Metal Producers and Wholesalers

From coils to strips and cut blanks, Vaski can offer a wide range of efficient solutions in blanking and slitting. From manual operated simple cut to length to fully automated systems. In particular the multi coil technologies and the automatic coil storage solutions are quite unique and supportive to this industry.

Furthermore, our bar end finishing machine has proved to be interesting to bar stockists and producers as is flexible to end finish both flat and round bar automatically with no setting adjustments required.

VaskiCOIL Series

VaskiUNICOIL for single coil need

A modular range of solutions designed for single coil blanking and slitting from coiled sheet metal. Our system ensures labour efficiency, the ultimate in automation, lights out production, and space efficiency. Experience the future of coil processing with VaskiUNICOIL.

Vaski Unicoil coilline sheet metal

VaskiCOIL Series

VaskiMULTICOIL for fast material changeover

A modular range of multi-coil blanking and slitting solutions from coiled sheet metal. It offers extensive selection options, optimized production with minimal waste, and quick material changeover. Experience efficient and versatile coil processing with VaskiMULTICOIL.

Vaski multicoil coilline sheet metal

VaskiPUNCH Series

The full automated punching with optimal workflow

One of the standout features in modern busbar processing is the implementation of all-electric, high-speed machinery. These machines not only cater to the increasing demands for energy efficiency but also maintain high reliability and production rates

VaskiPUNCH punching busbars flatbars inspiration

VaskiSHAPE Series

The full automated punching with optimal workflow

This machine not only enhances the quality of the bar parts but also simplifies the operation process, allowing for seamless integration next to existing punching machines.

VaskiSHAPE end finishing busbars flatbars-1

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