Vaski stands out in the HVAC industry 

Vaski HVAC sheet metal

HVAC Industry

Vaski stands out in the HVAC industry with its specialised blanking, slitting products, and custom automation solutions for component manufacturing. With a strong focus on this industry, Vaski has developed numerous custom automation solutions, including machines for forming, punching, and trimming HVAC components.

VaskiCOIL Series

VaskiMULTICOIL for fast material changeover

A modular range of multi-coil blanking and slitting solutions from coiled sheet metal. It offers extensive selection options, optimized production with minimal waste, and quick material changeover. Experience efficient and versatile coil processing with VaskiMULTICOIL.

Vaski multicoil coilline sheet metal

VaskiCOIL Series

VaskiUNICOIL for single coil need

A modular range of solutions designed for single coil blanking and slitting from coiled sheet metal. Our system ensures labour efficiency, the ultimate in automation, lights out production, and space efficiency. Experience the future of coil processing with VaskiUNICOIL.

Vaski Unicoil coilline sheet metal

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