Vaski at Elmia Plåt, Jönköping, Sweden


Vaski will be represented at Elmia Plåt exhibition this year in A hall at stand A02:33.

This is a great opportunity for Scandinavian customers to have a conversation with Vaski’s Sales Director of Scandinavia and the Chairman about the remarkable technology of coil lines Vaski designs and manufactures. What makes the coil lines remarkable is a long list of minor and grand details, enabling the material cost savings up to 30%.

Vaski’s coil lines are efficient and can be connected to almost any sheet metal processing machine, or to be used as a stand-alone. The coil lines vary from one coil line, VaskiUNICOIL, to six coil multi-coil line VaskiMULTICOIL. With the multi-coil line there is an opportunity for the customer to get the needed amount of different materials from different coils for processing without the need to have big storage space for blanks.

At the stand there will be a chance to view a show of a run-through of Vaski’s latest VaskiMULTICOIL manufactured at the factory in Seinäjoki, Finland. This video show demonstrates the use of the coil line, in which the operator shows how the whole process works from loading the coil to all the way to blanking.

You can contact us to book a meeting at our stand in advance or come and greet Vaski at the stand A02:33.

Here is the link to the official Elmia Sheet Metal exhibition, Elmia Plåt in Swedish.