VaskiSHAPE Series


VaskiSHAPE 2021
Small footprint iccon

Small footprint

Easy to use icon

Easy to use

Safe to operate icon

Safe to operate

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Consistent quality


  • Very simple to operate.
  • Automation option.
  • Consistent part quality.
  • Fast cycle time.
  • Small footprint.
  • Easy to replace tool.
  • Easy access to the machine.
  • Safe to use, eliminating 
grinding belts and other
 deburring solution.
  • Dust extraction option.
  • Fume-extraction ready.


The VaskiSHAPE finishing family is an energy efficient, high accuracy flat and round bar end finishing solution, that will increase your bar part quality. The machine combines high production rates with consistent quality. The VaskiSHAPE is the first solution to eliminate the safety issues caused by sanding belts and other deburring solutions. VaskiSHAPE is exceptionally simple to operate.

The small footprint saves space and enables convenient placing next to the punching machine. Greater automation is always possible through connection to the punch. When operating a VaskiSHAPE, operators only need to provide bar dimensions on the touchscreen panel and the machine takes care of the rest.

There is a measuring unit option to automatically detect bar dimensions and generate exact toolpaths, eliminating the potential of coding errors. Each machine of the VaskiSHAPE family features automatic part clamping, saving operator time that can be used to prepare the next part to be processed.


Like the prodigal son, a good quality entry level machine


Be inspired by the production work horse, mid-level machine


The Vaski legacy is demonstrated by a highly flexible and productive high level machine

Milling motor power4,5 kW4,5 kW4,5 kW
CNC controlled servo axes233
Loading/unloadingManualManualFully automatic
Work cycleAutomaticAutomaticAutomatic
Automatic bar dimension detectionOptionalOptionalOptional
Bar dimensions
Width15-260 mm15-260 mm15-260 mm
Thickness/diameter3-20 mm3-20 mm3-20 mm
Machining max speed67 mm/s67 mm/s67 mm/s
Spindle speed0-18 000 rpm0-18 000 rpm0-18 000 rpm
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