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  • Automatic film application - for protection of the sheet
  • Vulcanised rolls - to prevent marking of soft or sensitive materials
  • Programmable levelling - servo controlled to automate the setting of the straightening device

The VaskiLEVEL is a series of devices that take coiled sheet material from a VaskiUNWIND system and makes the material flat using a straightening device. These straightening devices have numerous options available with 5, 7 or 9 roll systems. For straightening thicker and harder materials, back-up support roller options are also available.


Vaski offer the highest automation possible with VaskiLEVEL numeric controlled setting of the straightening device enabling users to store data such as supplier name, material type, thickness, roll position and coil width and can be nicely combined with a flatness measurement device. This is particularly useful for recurring material supply which can be controlled from one place.


With options for vulcanised rollers for sensitive materials, Vaski can supply multiple options such as protective foil application on the fly. Providing the flatness your process requires you can rely on good quality, unmarked, flat blanks, the VaskiLEVEL systems take the complexity out of flattening blanks.

Technical specifications

5 roll straightener 0,4mm-1,2mm mild steel
7 roll straightener 0,4-2,5mm mild steel
9 roll straightener 0,4-3,0mm mild steel
9 roll straightener with support rolls 0,4-4,0mm mild steel
Coil max width (mm) 1300 or 1600
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