Systemair uses Vaski blanking line to prevent overproduction


Topvex TC08 product image

Swedish company, Systemair, was founded in 1974. Three men decided to start manufacturing ventilation systems in a small town called Skinnskatteberg. Since then, the company has grown rapidly. Today Systemair has 29 factories and 54 sales offices in 20 countries all around the world.

“The journey from small local business to a massive international corporation has been amazing, and we are hoping to continue our growth in the future”, says Johnny Nielsen, Production Development Director from Systemair. To grow, Systemair needs the right partners and effective solutions. Vaski wants to support Systemair with these matters in the future by offering the smartest systems for manufacturing their products.

Systemair has a long history with the Swiss company HWJ. Vaski acquired HWJ in 2020 and subsequently merged with the business. “The co-operation with HWJ started almost by coincidence when I was visiting our supplier in Lithuania ten years ago”, says Johnny. Since then, they have worked together and Systemair has used HWJ multi-coil blanking lines in their production.

Throughout the years the blanking machines have been improved to perfectly match Systemair needs: “We immediately liked the system they had, but we wanted to combine two of the lines so it would work more like a funnel without manual labour”, explains Johnny.

The coiling line has given Systemair multiple benefits, for example, logistic and material savings. The manufacturing process has streamlined, since now they can produce parts in just the amount they need. “There is no scrap or overproduction, no more extra filler parts that are never used. This saves both money and the environment”, Johnny says.

The development work of the coiling system has continued with Vaski after the acquisition: “We want to keep thinking a bit differently so we can keep our competitive advantage. Systemair wants to be the forerunner in the industry, therefore we constantly consider our next goals and steps.”

The collaboration with Vaski after the acquisition has started well: “We have already installed one system and two more have been delivered. We in Systemair believe that Vaski’s experience in this will take us even further in the future, and we are constantly discussing the next development steps”, Johnny sums up the collaboration.