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  • To name a few recently delivered focused on HVAC applications:
  • a flange forming machine for axial fan housing – our solution keeps an excellent round shape after forming the flange which is key to allowing the blade to run very close to the housing and consequently delivering a silent fan
  • a CNC controlled mangle for radial fan shroud forming
  • a Pittsburgh seam closing machine to the radial fan housing
  • Radial fan inlet cone trimming and connection hole punching machine
  • Deep draw servo press for sheet metal

Vaski is constantly looking for ways to solve seemingly simple production bottle necks and are constantly innovating new solutions. We are now focused on solutions for the sheet metal sector and have created some very effective new solutions to support this industry. We are always happy to help by working with you to identify your bottlenecks and create simple automation solutions.

All technical information included in this documentation is indicative only and technical data of any Rodstein supplied equipment is as supplied with the offer documentation and signed contract